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We work with each client to find a solution that is in line with your budget. Our mission is your 100% complete happiness.

That is what separates us from the rest.


Request A No-Hassle Callback


We want your project to be easy and stress-free, and we’ve figured out the best way to make that happen. By giving each of our crew specialized product training, we are able to offer you additional warranty options.


We are proudly certified by Owens Corning.



DeForest  Roofing Services



When it comes to roofing installation, We pay attention to every detail, ensuring you get the best roofing product installed by our highly trained installers. Our roofing installation also comes with the best warranties in the industry.


If you are purchasing a home or building or have noticed some leaks or broken shingles, it would be good to have a roof inspection. We provide our roof inspections to identify issues that may cause problems now or in the near future.


When it comes to roofing repairs, we can make the necessary repairs to prevent your home or business from encountering any unnecessary damage during the rainy season and keep your roof sound until that time comes to re-roof.


With our commercial roofing installation, we can help with any type of roofing from shingles, tile, and clay, torch down, and flat. You can trust us with your commercial roofing installation needs.

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"We've had the pleasure of doing business with Prairie Exteriors for a few different projects. They really care about their customers and put out a good quality product. I would highly recommend them. Thank you!"

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"Prairie Exteriors was able to replace the roof of our house in one day. I appreciate that they came and looked at the wind damaged shingles and let us know there was enough damage that insurance may cover it. The whole process was very quick and we are very happy we decided to seek out another local company after not having any luck with others."

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"Prairie Exteriors did a fantastic job! From the preliminary meeting to discuss the project, to the final completion, Prairie Exteriors were great to work with and the quality was truly amazing. Katie was professional, courteous and always available to provide input, and answer my questions. I couldn't recommend Katie or Prairie Exteriors more, and I've already contacted them to discuss the next project with my home."

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"I got new roofs and gutters on my house and garage. AJ was great to work with, very knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful but not at all pushy. I got a great price and warranty conditions, and they came out only two weeks after. The work was completed super fast and well, and my property was left spotless, as if they were not there at all. I'd highly recommend and use their services in the future."


This time-lapse video shows you how we replace an entire roof from start to finish.

We work clean, fast, and hard to give you the roof you want as fast as we can.

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•No -Obligations •Receive a Quick-response •Accurate Quote
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When having such an important project performed on your home or building in Watertown, always be safe by hiring a local licensed roofing contractor.


When it comes to service, we have got you covered! From the first phone call all the way through the completion of the job. We care what you think.


We understand cost is a significant factor, with that said, we work with each client to find a solution that is in line with your budget. Our mission is your 100% happiness. That is what separates us from the rest.

Dedicated and Affordable DeForest Roofers

Our DeForest Roofing company strives to provide long-lasting roofing solutions coupled with superior service. From the initial call you make to our company- to the completed roofing project, our team is committed to working with you and helping to create the roof you deserve.


Quality Roofing Services

Getting a new roof or repairing an existing one shouldn’t be a costly nightmare or headache. This is why our team of roofing professionals will have extensive and tremendous involvement during the construction of your new roofing project. We offer reliable and affordable protection for your home or commercial property.


All of our roofing work is completed in a timely manner too. Forget paying high prices; we are the affordable, reliable, and trustworthy roofers you’ve been searching for.

Knowledgeable and Experienced DeForest Roofers

Have you been trying to figure out why your roof is having problems? Did you recently remove the ladder from the garage and attempt to fix the problems your roof is having on your own? No need to stress or tempt the hands of fate by doing roofing projects on your own.

Our experienced and dedicated roofing team will come out and assess the condition of your roof and share with you the best course of action. Once you hire us, we will complete the roofing task on time while giving you updates along the way.  Let us put our expertise to work for you.  Place the ladder back in the garage and instead, give us a call.

Why You Need to Repair That Roof Now

Putting off a repair to your roof can cause more harm than good. Since we are the best roofing contractors for the job, the time to get that roof fixed is now. Let’s explore why it’s vital to call us and get that roof repaired right now.

First, you want to prevent any further damage to the structure of your home. Putting off a roofing repair can end up costing you more money down the road.

Secondly, you want to get your roof fixed now so that you have better air quality. Once we access your roofing problem ad recommend the repair, we can fix your roof and keep cold air or humidity out of your house.

Thirdly, getting that roof repaired now will keep mold away. Did you know that mold can decrease the air quality of your home? If mold is able to multiply and grow, then you may notice that you or your family members may develop allergy-like symptoms.

Avoid health issues and stress and allow your DeForest, WI roofing team to come and fix the problems that your roofing is giving you. We have the proficiency and dedication to perform expert and long-lasting repairs to your existing roof.

Call Your DeForest Roofing Company

For the new roof you need or the roofing repair that you’ve been putting off, your DeForest roofing team is standing by ready to help now. Just give us a call and let’s begin with an assessment of your roof’s condition. Your new or repaired roof is just a phone call away.


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